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We have various types of products which
are in this most important of topics.
Our Cyber Security solutions are top notch. We have various types of products which are in this most important of topics.

Our products range from email spam protection to our flagship solution for anti-virus/anti-malware protection. We have the solution to keep you, your company, and most importantly your customers safe from a malicious attack.

Do you remember a couple of years back when Target and The Home Depot were hacked? We might be able to help you prevent that from happening to your business. How you might ask? Well allow us the opportunity to educate you on how to safeguard your business.


A fee based service that

we offer all of our clients is a security audit. We tailor each audit to each customer. We can come to your business and sit down with you and provide you with a very detailed audit of your network. This will allow us to pinpoint your company’s network and computers weaknesses and will allow the ability to make recommendations on how to protect it. If it’s an inferior email filtering solution, a file sharing solution that just does not work or is not present at all, or your anti-virus software takes too long to update its virus definitions. We can help you protect yourself and your company. Do not be misled by the idea that as long as your firewall is good you cannot be taken advantage of, you would be very mistaken.

Our email filtering solution will filter

out those pesky unwanted emails. It uses a very well defined algorithm to search out the junk and keep those potential threats at bay. The Antivirus/Antimalware feature that is associated with our Spamwall email filtering solution is server based. This means that each and every email is scanned on the server for potential threats and quarantined if need be. Thus allowing you the freedom and security to know your computers and network are safe.

Our antivirus/antimalware solution is rated as one of the top 5 BEST programs to keep your computers safe and protected. Our military grade encrypted file sharing solution will keep unwanted eyes from seeing sensitive data that is transmitted either inter-office or between locations worldwide.

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