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Smargasy is a local business based in Cape Coral that
specializes in creating solutions for your company.

Our headquarters is based in Cape Coral, Florida. We can help your company make the leap from being just another company to being THE Company that stands above the rest.

Our primary focus is you our customer. We will sit with you and evaluate your company’s needs and then develop a solution and possibly recommend particular services which will bring your company to the forefront. We pride ourselves on outstanding customer service; one way in which we do this is by not outsourcing. When you do business with us you will be working with a local company and we care about your company and making it the best there is. We have 25+ years’ experience working in the IT industry; we have the know-how to make your company stand above the rest. We specialize in communication solutions, software development, cyber-security solutions, mobile app development, website development, and so much more. So when you work with us just remember, you are working with a local company that cares.

Our History

We started working in the IT business 25 years ago in our home country of Austria (during the infancy of the internet). In the mid-nineties we were able to develop a business information database, as well as an ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) System for customers in Austria. By the end of the nineties we began providing internet access and hosting services for customers. In the early 2000’s we began to develop websites for customers using Content Management Systems or CMS for short. In the following years we were able to grow because of our expanding customer base. Our primary focus at that time was web development as well as individual software development.

Smargasy, Inc is an experienced service provider for communication solutions with Voice over IP (VoIP-Systems), cyber security consulting and solutionscontent management systemse-commerce, management systems, individual software developmentand mobile app development. We also provide cloud based Services and Products and Digital Marketing Solutions for Small and Medium Businesses.

Everything stated above is optimally adapted and customized to fit your company’s needs. Fast, professional and customer-effective. You would be right in choosing Smargasy, Inc. if you are looking for a service provider who will develop and implement your IT project professionally.

Smargasy, Inc. has successfully implemented hundreds of projects, so we are very confident that we are the right technical partner for you and your company.

Areas we serve

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